2020 MN Virtual Field Trip & Activity EXPO


After you’ve registered to exhibit, setting up your Presentation(s) is easy!

1. Schedule your presentation in the Presentation Calendar.

– First, go to the Presentation Calendar to determine your presentation date & time. Planners use this calendar to RSVP for the presentations they want to attend.
– Then complete the Calendar Form to publish your date & time in the Presentation Calendar.

2. Schedule a Zoom Meeting.

– You will host your own Zoom Meeting where you’ll make your presentation.
– Go to Zoom.us, create a free account, and follow the prompts to schedule & host your Zoom Meeting.
– Once your Zoom meeting is scheduled, a MEETING LINK will be generated the Zoom website for attendees to join your presentation.
Setting suggestions:
Mute: off;
Waiting Room: off (so they don’t have to wait to be let into your meeting)
Enable to join meeting before host: on; and…
Record your meeting: on.

3. Send a Welcome Invitation to each RSVP by email.

– Within 24 hours of your presentation, send your welcome email that includes your MEETING LINK provided by Zoom – to your attendees. We’re finding that sending 2 emails works best: one sent during the afternoon of the previous day, and then a second email within 2 hours of your presentation helps remind them to attend. Include your Meeting Link with both.

SUGGESTION: Go through your own dbase, select potential clients you would like to have join your meeting, and send them your meeting link also! The more the merrier!


After you schedule, we promote!

– We use emails, social media posts & ads, and select advertising to atract planners to your presentations. Since it takes time to promote, get signed up to present ASAP!
– Each Friday we send out a promotional broadcast email highlighting the following week’s Zoom presentations.

After your presentation, send the recorded MP4 that Zoom provides, and we will put it up on our website after the 
EXPO is finished. Also, for large files, send via: www.wetransfer.com.