2020 MN Virtual Field Trip & Activity EXPO

Schedule Your Presentation(s) in the Calendar on this page

The form on this page will display your presentation in our CALENDAR but not will not schedule your ZOOM Meeting (you must do that separately). Exhibitors will host their own 1/2 hour presentations (Zoom Meetings). A presentation can vary in length from a few minutes up to 1/2 hour – don’t forget Q&A’s.

Select the way you are going to present your information: 
1. General Description of your Program(s)
2. Content Demonstration (an abbreviated show for planners showing what their groups/classes can experience).
3. Workshop (i.e., addressing character development or social issues)
4. Interview (i.e., relevant backstories that will acquaint planners with you or your program’s history)

Do you want to change your calendar listing? Email your change(s) to mark@MNFieldTripLibrary.org

Please record each ZOOM presentation so we can publish it on our website, and promote you (via email and social media) after the EXPO.

 SCHEDULING TIPS   Referring to the following calendar listing form.
 Title: 2-5 words
 Description: Be colorful & energetic. Describe what you will be talking about… new standards-supporting online programs? Field trips? Camps? Assemblies? Tours? Birthday Parties? Team-Building? What types of groups and age groups do you serve (i.e., schools, libraries, adult retirement groups, tour groups, scouts, church groups, corporate events, etc)?
 Time & Date: Look at the Presentation Calendar and select an open time(s) in August and/or September.
 Image: Photo(s) of engaged students or adults showing lots of energy is best! 
– Categories: 
Select primary category(s) from the dropdown menu.
– Exhibitor Details: Add your name to the list. Don’t click the button “ADD ANOTHER EXHIBITOR”
 Website: Put in your website URL.
SUBMIT: We will publish it in the calendar within 1-2 days, sooner if possible.

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