4 ACE PRODUCTIONS | Deflate the Inflation in 2022-23…

Everything is going up…gas, interest rates, grocery prices and yes even school assembly costs! Next year my prices will be higher but if you act now pay this years prices in 2022-23…but you have to book an assembly/lyceum by June 15th.

In fact, you can save as much as $75.00 on a school assembly and back it up with the most complete support materials ever assembled for elementary schools – ABSOLUTELY FREE!

You and I know that planning your school’s assembly events is not a simple task. I know, I have spent the last 25+ years trying to simplify it for schools all over a 5 state area!

You want a program that will be educationally significant for your students, something that will hold their attention, a show that will fit your current curriculum and stay within your budget!

That is what we call a tall order. But an order I can fulfill!

Let me prove it to you!

If you haven’t seen or heard of my work, my name is Brian Richards. I empower students to succeed with programs consisting of entertainment, laughter and tons of interaction with your students!

Weaved throughout each of my programs (15 as of this email), are strong educational messages that are pertinent to educators today and designed to IMPACT your students.

These are not your typical “pseudo-educational” assembly programs. You know the type. Where the performer names the program “Bullies Not Allowed” then does their regular entertainment program and ends with a 60 second lecture of how bad bullying is!

All your students remember from this type of program is the entertainment and the message is lost. What a waste of time for your students and teachers plus a waste of money for you!

Professionally Designed “Edu-tainment”!

My assembly programs have specifically designed and written with education in mind. For over 25 years, I have been producing educationally significant assembly programs that will engage your students and have IMPACT. As one teacher put it, “They learn without even realizing they are learning!”.

Each show has 3 key points and each part of the program reinforces one theme so that at the end they can recite those themes and concepts. A plan of action is also incorporated in each program so they can immediately take steps to impact their lives and others. Each assembly is completely self contained…all you need to supply are the students!

The Learning Continues Even
When The Show Is Over…

The best part of my program is the digital promotion and support materials available to you and all your teachers is FREE!

We supply a digital classroom file with ideas, activities and take home information that will reinforce the messages in the classroom and at home.

As a matter of fact, if you would like to see a sample of the promotion and classroom materials, just drop me an email at:
magic@4aceproductions.com and I will send you a link to check the resources out.

Let’s face it our economy is causing the cost of everything to go up. I have no doubt that my assemblies will cost more and my travel charges will rise with the cost of gas!

But if you pre-book now, the cost will be the same as this year! Get this years prices next year if you book before June 15th, 2022. My 45 minute assembly program is $425.00 and if you’re location is less than 55 miles round trip from Brooklyn Park, MN. there are NO TRAVEL & EXPENSE FEES.

There is NO Deposit and NO Cancelation fee if you need to cancel the assembly! Payment is due the day of the program…

For a full list of the assemblies that are available click the link below. Look the programs over, request a sample of the support files, decide what date and time you want for next year and LOCK IN THIS YEARS PRICES FOR NEXT YEAR!

All My Best,
Brian Richards
Cell/Text: (763) 656-3662