4 ACE PRODUCTIONS | These days of COVID require new ideas, here’s an innovative one…

My name is Brian Richards & my organization 4 Ace Productions shares school assemblies with schools all over a 5 state area. But with the current situation with Covid I have come up with unique ways of sharing my educational messages. I have done virtual shows and some “in-person” masked shows. But here’s an idea that might be perfect for the months of February and March.

While school assemblies are slow I have been substitute teaching, and it occurred to me that while large assemblies are out of the question, maybe classroom presentations might be the answer. But the key is the number of shows that means in a day and what would be the cost.

Well get ready for this…I will charge you for two shows and all the other shows will be FREE. You read that right…I’m considering doing a reading motivation show in each classroom in your school and only charge you for 2!!!

I use magic, humor and interaction with your students to get them excited about reading. Each presentation will be about 15 minutes and I will share it with each classroom in your school. The cost for a full day of these programs will be $295 (Please note: the price does not include travel to schools more than 50 miles round trip from Brooklyn Park, MN. In those cases an additional travel and expense charge will apply!)

To learn more please take a moment and contact me in any of the ways listed below. Two programs are available: Kids Who Read “R” COOL & Seuss on the LOOSE!