AMERICA’S FUN SCIENCE | Everybody loves Take-Homes!

Most of our classes include a take-home item (usually made in class) plus a Family Fun Card with a special project/lesson plan to be done at home with family and friends. Great for homeschoolers and those schooling at home due to COVID!

America’s Fun Science offers a free 20-minute science/STEM event with any first-time program booking. Our original children’s books, “Tyronne Carter Kid Scientist” and “Girls Know STEM Too, Tyronne!” both contain simple STEM lessons and are ideal for homeschoolers. Purchase the books and check out our list of programs at It’s easy to book online, and programs are suitable for Pre-K all the way to seniors! Check out the “Link Library” for our free videos and the Download Center on the Minnesota Field Trip Library website for a list of our STEM programs correlated to BSA badges, GS badges & MN Science Standards.

We also encourage you to check out our Facebook page AND subscribe to our YouTube Channel for continuing educational adventures!