CAMP NORTHERN STAR | The Great Outdoors is Your Classroom this Spring

Calling all homeschool coops, groups & families!

On select days this spring, our camp properties are open for groups to utilize as an outdoor classroom. For a small per person fee each group will have access to our camp areas for your day’s lessons and activities.

This spring make our camps your outdoor classroom!

We are opening up two of our camp properties to homeschool families, groups and coops. Spend a day (or many) outside in nature with zero walls on your classroom!

When: Tuesdays and Thursdays throughout April and May; camp will be open from 9:00 AM-4:00 PM

Where: Camp Kiwanis (Marine on the St. Croix) & Camp Rum River (Ramsey)

Cost: $5 per person and $30 per optional (and limited) indoor facility.

Activities: Each group will receive a dedicated outdoor space to use as their home base, with picnic tables. The whole camp is available to you to hike, wander and utilize for lesson plans and learning. All groups will have access to indoor bathrooms and places to fill water bottles. Everyone should bring their own bag lunch, or make plans to cook their own food outdoors.

Optional add-on activities: Each group will have the opportunity to add on 1-2 of the following programs each date with a Camp Northern Star Guide. You can select these upon arrival and the guide will work with your group and others onsite to schedule them into your day.

Shelter building
Survival skills
Animal tracks
Bug finder
Fire building
Plant id walk
Natural navigation
Tree ID
Calming sit spot
Observation walk
Blind sensory walk