HIGH TOUCH HIGH TECH | Put some STEM in your Preschool!

Looking for a partner in preschool STEM education? Look no further. Science Made Fun offers monthly STEM programming for kids ages 3-5. We come to you with all materials needed! No Bus, No Stress, No Mess.

High Touch High Tech of the Twin Cities continues to nurture budding young minds with innovative early childhood programs designed to challenge & amaze preschool-age children. These programs encourage your students to expand their thinking and problem-solving skills with many opportunities for both individual and collaborative projects.

STEM has become a hot topic in the world of education. It is an educational approach to learning that uses Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics for guiding student inquiry, discussion, creativity, and critical thinking skills.

There are many reasons why STEM subjects should be addressed in early learning settings. Early learners will make observations, make hypotheses, and use critical thinking. These skills will help young children to grasp math and science concepts early in life creating a strong foundation for future learning.

High Touch High Tech Preschool Programs will encourage your early learners to investigate and ask questions while performing hands-on experiments and delving further into the world of science!