HISTORICAL EXPERIENCES | A Revolutionary Experience!

A soldier from George Washington’s Continental Army in your School! That’s the way to learn about the American Revolution and the Birth of our Country. Your students will learn first hand from the real McCoy what it was like to be a soldier in the war. Schedule this interactive experience today!

The presenter is Mr. Arn Kind, a teacher of over 40 years experience, who will come in the uniform of a Revolutionary War Soldier to teach your students about the events which gave birth to our great nation. The AMERICAN REVOLUTION was America’s first civil war. It would split the country between Loyalists (Those who wanted to stay loyal to the king.) and Patriots (Those who wanted to separate from Great Britain to become an independent nation.). How could we, as a people, go from being proud members of the British empire; the greatest in the world, to wanting our independence from the mother country, in the span of just ten years? Through drama, role-playing and living history experiences, Mr. Kind’s multi-media presentation will give participants an understanding of this turbulent time and make history come alive for our students. One of the reasons Mr. Kind’s presentation really makes this history come alive for his audiences is because of his realistic and colorful portrayal of the people who participated in these events. Another reason is because of all the maps, posters, clothing and artifacts he brings and displays for his audience to see. One of the highlights of Mr. Kind’s presentation is when students take on the role of soldiers in the Continental Army and will learn some of the rudiments of Von Steuben’s Drill Manual while handling wooden cut-out replicas of Revolutionary War muskets. This presentation can be a half-day of full-day experience. Get your students excited about their history. Schedule your American Revolutionary Experience today.