HISTORICAL EXPERIENCES | D-DAY Anniversary Approaching!

It was called OPERATION OVERLORD and it spelled the end of Nazi Tyranny and World War II. Historical Experiences will make this monumental event in World History come to life with a multi-media, interactive living-history presentation that will have your students on the edge of your seats!

The presenter is Mr. Arn Kind, a teacher of 45 years, who will come in costume to teach us about this important turning point in history that changed the world forever.
World War II was a cataclysmic event in world history and its bloodiest conflict. Over 60 million people would lose their lives over the six years of the war. It was certainly a watershed event in the lives of the people who lived through it. Today it is hard to imagine those difficult years, when a shadow of darkness seemed to creep, unstoppable, across the world. At times, it was not clear how the Allied Powers would be able to prevent the Axis Powers – Germany, Italy, and Japan – from invading other countries. Indeed, at one point, Great Britain was the only Allied country in Europe to remain unconquered by Germany. In this program, Mr. Kind will focus on the massive assault launched by the Allies that turned the tide of the war in Europe. Known as D-Day, it combined intelligence, creative innovations, overwhelming numbers of troops and weapons, elaborate deceptions, international cooperation, and committed leadership. It also required great bravery and sacrifice on the part of the men who made up D-Day’s landing force. Truly June 6, 1944 is a date for the whole world to remember.
One of the reasons Mr. Kind’s presentation really makes this history come alive for his audiences is because of his realistic and colorful portrayal of the people who participated in these events. Another reason is because of all the maps, posters, clothing and artifacts he brings and displays for his audience to see. In order to display and use these artifacts in his presentation, he makes sure that everything he brings in has been made safe. Weapons of the war have been made safe to show. To portray a G.I. from the war, Mr. Kind will appear in uniform in order to act out some of these events using replicas of the arms used during the conflict. Mr. Kind, of course, does not bring any gunpowder or any other combustibles into the schools or libraries where he presents. These original artifacts, replicas and reproductions of the originals cannot be loaded or fired.
During part of the program, your students will take on the role of soldiers in the war and will participate in a living history experience that will simulate a real-life event experienced by soldiers of the war.

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