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Go to historicalexperiences.org to see all of the programs that we offer. From the American Revolution, the Civil War, The French Voyageur and Minnesota’s Fur Trade, Minnesota in the Great War, MN in World War II, Minnesota’s Wild and Woolly Prohibition Days, to Pirates: Predators of the Sea. These are just some of the exciting interactive programs that we can bring to your school to get your kids excited about history. No noisy bus rides on field trips. No admission fees to worry about. All we need is an empty space to set up and present in. We will bring everything we need to your school. These presentations are heavy with artifacts that your students will pick up, handle and interact with. Presentations can run from one hour, 2 hours, 3 hours, to a full-day HISTORY FIELD TRIP DAY, where students are totally immersed in the subject for the entire school day. Be assured, we guarantee that we will keep your kids interested the entire day. See our website to see testimonials from past teacher and administrators. Schedule your HISTORICAL EXPERIENCE today.