HISTORICAL EXPERIENCES | Many Fun Experiences for the Summer

Planning for Summer School Educational Fun? We have 14 different educational and entertaining interactive history programs that will be a hit as part of your summer programs. We make history come alive through multi-media and interactive experiences. Schedule your HISTORICAL EXPERIENCE today!

Our lyceums are sure to spark anyone’s interest in history. Research shows that people learn twice as much when learning interactively than in a traditional setting. Accordingly, Historical Experiences makes use of this knowledge by giving audience members an active role to play in historical events. Our presentations align with state social studies standards and work toward students achieving those standards in an entertaining and engaging way. The presenter, Arn Kind has been an educator for 48 years bringing his educational and entertaining presentations to elementary, middle and high school students as well university lyceums. His presentations are popular with historical societies, libraries and festivals where organizers can choose from a variety of interactive programs that cover the history of our state, our nation and our world. Arn is a member of the First Minnesota Volunteer Infantry Regiment; a reenactment group based out of Fort Snelling. Because this group is noted for its authenticity, they have appeared in many documentaries and historical feature films such as The Blue and the Gray, North & South, Glory, Gettysburg, Dances With Wolves, and Gods and Generals. Arn brings this authenticity to his presentations. His training and experiences as a teacher enable him to adjust and adapt the subject matter to suit different age levels.

A very important part of Arn’s presentations are the artifacts, uniforms and equipment that students will be able to observe, handle, and interact with as part of their hands-on experience in living the history.

Presentations range from 1.5 hour to 5 hour-all day-immersion experiences. 1.5 to 3 hours is the most common length. Presentation length can be adapted to suit your needs.

Schedule your HISTORICAL EXPERIENCE today calling 507-381-0898 or email at arnkind@historicalexperiences.org