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The International Wolf Center provides a variety of teaching tools.

They are designed to inform, engage and inspire students of all ages. Whether hands-on, interactive, or in-person – no matter the method, you’ll make a difference.

Group Visits
Our staff educators can help you cater a discounted group visit to our Ely, MN facility for your students that will compliment and enhance your curriculum. Program content can be aligned with specific state and/or national standards to fit your needs.

WolfLink Virtual Learning Programs
This multi-disciplined interactive learning experience is designed to reach schools and organizations anywhere in the world to make a real-time connection with our educators and ambassador wolves at our facility in Ely, MN.  It’s a living, breathing, howling, teaching tool that engages viewers with unprecedented impact. Free for schools. Non-school groups will be billed $75.

Gray Wolves, Gray Matter
This resource goes beyond biology to analyze the human aspects of the wolf’s survival. This curriculum helps educators address a true environmental controversy in a holistic, objective manner. The materials provided will help you and your students make sense of this.

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  • WolfLink Virtual Learning Programs to schools for FREE.
  • Non-school groups will be invoiced $75.

    Features / Benefits of our programs:

    Live wolves in their naturalized habitat as part of the program

    Meets state and national education standards

    Lesson plans developed by wolf experts specifically for your grade level