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1396 Highway 169
Ely, MN  55731-8129


  • Field Trips & Student Travel Destination
  • Outreach Programs to Schools & Groups
  • Live, interactive videoconference Programs
  • Supports MN Education Standards

The International Wolf Center provides a variety of teaching tools.

They are designed to inform, engage and inspire students of all ages. Whether hands-on, interactive, or in-person – no matter the method, you’ll make a difference.

Group Visits
Our staff educators can help you cater a discounted group visit to our Ely, MN facility for your students that will compliment and enhance your curriculum. Program content can be aligned with specific state and/or national standards to fit your needs.

WolfLink Videoconferencing
This multi-disciplined interactive learning experience is designed to reach schools and organizations anywhere in the world to make a real-time connection with our educators and ambassador wolves at our facility in Ely, MN.  It’s a living, breathing, howling, teaching tool that engages viewers with unprecedented impact. New Low Price!
Wolf Discovery Kit
Enhance your videoconferencing experience, classroom curriculum or library display with a Wolf Discovery Kit. Each kit is filled with a variety of specimens, books, videos and activities providing resources for students to conduct inquiry-based learning.

Online Course Curriculum
Looking for an online course for your students? The Center has two, complete online courses for you to incorporate into your physical or virtual classroom. Each course provides a minimum of 10 hours of student work time.

Gray Wolves, Gray Matter
This resource goes beyond biology to analyze the human aspects of the wolf’s survival. This curriculum helps educators address a true environmental controversy in a holistic, objective manner. The materials provided will help you and your students make sense of this.