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• Workshop/Keynote Presentations

• Speaking Engagements promoting a respect and appreciation of differences, topical magic programs for all ages and events.

• Students/Youth
– School & Group Assemblies & Programs
– Summer Camps
– Education Workshops

Looking for a novel program idea to highlight your school year?  Presenting America’s only blind magician with multiple disabilities who will captivate, amuse, inspire and educate your students.

I know your students would be fascinated by the wonder of a blind magician, and as a result, be inspired to adopt their own “can do” attitude.”

With over 23 years and nearly 4000 shows, my unique position as a blind magician/entertainer has helped me to deliver an important message.  My audience-involving program, filled with laughs, live music and message, teaches young and old, topics including: rising above challenges and having a respect and appreciation of people’s differences.  Program themes can also be tailored to your curriculum.  Children won’t even realize how much they’ll be learning.  They’ll be too busy laughing their socks off!

Through magic, stories, harmonica playing, audience participation, stunts, music, sound effects and gags, Amazing Jeffo demonstrates to students how to recognize their abilities and maximize their talents for greater achievement.  Highly visual magic compliments a message that encourages character development and a positive attitude towards life.

Amazing Jeffo’s blend of magic and message reinforces 21st Century and social-emotional skills, such as:
Literacy, Curiosity, Creativity, Imagination, Empathy, Respect, Agility, Leadership, Adaptability, Initiative, Entrepreneurialism, Critical Thinking, Problem Solving

Best of all, budget friendly fees!

In addition to offering adult/senior topical magic programs,   Jeff also offers speaking presentations which create positive attitudes about persons with disabilites and encourage self-examination regarding people’s differences. He has incorporated his experiences and a positive outlook for success in his role as the Amazing Jeffo, a magician and motivational speaker who happens to be blind. Participants will discover the opportunity that lies within the obstacle.

Jeff has a friendly and relatable perspective that naturally interests and encourages others with special needs and those who support them. His goal is to help others reconsider conventional thinking and rehabilitate disabling attitudes to create a vision for success for all. Jeff incorporates into this goal his philosophy that not only has guided him, but  can apply to anyone, disabled or not: to maintain personal independence and make a statement by contributing to society, demonstrating the rewards of perseverance, attaining a sense of purpose and accomplishment  and using ability to its fullest.

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