MALL OF AMERICA | “Ah! The Wonder that is the Butterfly!” See the Exhibit at Mall of America

Christopher Lutter-Gardella has created a magnificent suspended installation at Mall of America consisting of a majestic 30-foot Monarch butterfly surrounded by more than 300 smaller butterflies. The installation is entitled “Kaleidoscope” and will share the critical story about the decline of the monarch butterfly and other pollinators with the hope of educating guests on how they can make a difference to help address this situation.

This installation is a celebration of the marvelous beauty of butterflies! It is also a clarion-call for us humans to wake-up and understand that we must endeavor to protect the most vulnerable among us … whether butterflies or fellow human beings. Now to Sunday, June 13, 2021.

How You Can Help:
• Plant habitat! Monarch habitat contains the native milkweed that monarch caterpillars rely on, as well as a diversity of other nectar rich flowers.
• Plant a variety of native flowers so you have blooms, and the nectar they provide, growing all season long.
• Monarchs need nectar to migrate in both spring and fall, and to breed in the summer!
• For small spaces, consider a container garden on a balcony or in a shared outdoor space like a patio or front walk.
• Every stem makes a difference—you don’t need a big space to make an impact.
• Minimize use of harmful chemicals on your monarch habitat.
• Participate in citizen science! By contributing your personal observations, you can help researchers learn more about monarchs and their conservation.