Take your students on a journey through time by visiting any of Minnesota Historical Society’s 26 historical sites. Our field trip programs are designed to make history come alive!

Metro Adventures
In the Twin Cities metro area, your students can embark on fun and educational adventures at some of our most iconic destinations such as the Minnesota History Center, the Minnesota State Capitol, Historic Fort Snelling, and many more! Our museums feature interactive exhibits that ignite curiosity and transport students to the past.

Beyond the Metro
If you’re looking to venture beyond the city lights, MNHS offers a range of captivating sites throughout Greater Minnesota. Your students can explore sites such as the Split Rock Lighthouse, perched on Lake Superior’s rugged shore. Or perhaps you’d prefer to delve into the rich heritage of indigenous cultures and traditions at the Mille Lacs Indian Museum and Trading Post. The choice is yours, and the learning opportunities are boundless.

Accessible Education
We believe that every student should have access to enriching educational experiences. That’s why MNHS is committed to making history accessible. We offer scholarship funds and subsidies to help ease the financial burden of field trips and transportation costs. Your students deserve the chance to connect with history firsthand, and we’re here to support that mission.

Plan Your Journey
Ready to embark on an unforgettable educational adventure? Visit our website to explore program details, view the full list of field trip offerings, check availability, and make bookings. If you have questions or need assistance, our dedicated team is just a phone call or email away. Reach us at 1-888-387-5008 or fieldtrips@mnhs.org.

Open the doors to history and watch your students’ eyes light up as they discover the past in a whole new way. Their adventure into history awaits – don’t miss out!