MINNESOTA’S LARGEST CANDY STORE | Where to go when your tour group REALLY needs a sweet!

Minnesota’s Largest Candy Store – one of Minnesota’s most unique attractions – is located along Highway 169 in Jordan. Visit this seasonal destination, open mid-May through November, for hard-to-find sweets and fresh baked goods, the world’s largest selection of sodas, plus a huge variety of popcorn, pastas, meats and other products raised or made locally. This unique and nostalgic place is the perfect “sweetspot” for your tour group!

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ACROSS THE HIGHWAY FROM JIM’S Apple Farm in southern Minnesota’s Scott County is a sprawling bright yellow retail store. The golden dome at one end can be seen from miles up the road like a sunrise on the horizon.

This seasonal, family-owned business has been operating here nearly 40 years. From mid-May to November, visitors can find local, regional, and imported sweets and treats of all kinds: candied fruits, chocolate bars, fresh baked goods, frozen items, gummies, jelly beans, sodas of every flavor (including Moxie, Cheerwine, and Faygo’s Rock N’ Rye), and even a few toys.

While you shop, you can also admire the ceilings painted in a wild, whimsical dreamscape of food and pop culture impressions. Don’t forget to read the oversized billboard on the way out of the gravel parking lot: It’s usually posted with some quippy pun or sarcastic reflection on the times.

Know Before You Go
Note that the store is closed in the winter. It is open mid-May through November and accepts cash and checks only. There are several ATMS available for use in the store. It’s located off US Hwy 169.