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Spring Back to Fundraising!
If your group is looking for pro tips on how to restart your fundraising, we’ve got a simple “how to” guide for jump starting your campaign.

Most fundraising activities fall into three primary models; Product/Gift, Event, and Service. Each model offers a unique profit potential, volunteer requirement and time period when that model is most effective. Over the last year, each model has transformed to include contact-free, virtual and digital solutions that help maximize donor engagement. These models can work together as a “tool box” to help your group reach your fundraising goals and expand your community following/reach.

Pro Tip: Your fundraising partners should offer the highest level of digital support, online resources and program flexibility. All campaigns, across all models, should offer both contact-free and in-person participation options.

Once you’ve established your group’s fundraising priorities and philosophy, use those tools to identify your group’s fundraising mix. The goal is to create an annual plan that is balanced with campaigns that are clear and differentiated. A well-rounded annual plan will include at least one campaign from each model (product, event, service). This balance will result in higher donor engagement and overall group profit.

Pro Tip: A well rounded mix of campaigns will ensure your goals are reached even if one campaign is compromised. Approving your fundraising plan early in the season will increase buy-in and prevent a last minute scramble.

Carefully consider your group’s calendar as well as the time period when each fundraising model is best suited. Take advantage of parent meetings, conferences or events where you have a direct line of communication to parents and supporters. Consider holiday breaks and avoid hectic periods with other competing commitments.

Pro Tip: Plan a rest period 30 days before (hype period) and after (gratitude period) each campaign to prevent donor burnout and volunteer fatigue. Spend this time growing your following through meaningful communication & engagement.

Expand your group’s following beyond parent donors through building community engagement. The key to tapping into this network is meaningful, consistent and clear communication. Consider sharing inspirational stories and specific examples of how raised funds will be used. Share the impact on the students and community. Regularly share your progress across multiple channels and tell supporters how to help (like, share, follow).

Pro Tip: Cast a wide net! Leverage your group’s email contacts from past supporters, alumni and volunteers. Consider social media content that can be shared across channels.