MN BRANDS FOR GOOD | Team up with Minnesota Makers for your next fundraiser! Online + Direct Shipping!

Minnesota’s small business community is ready to support your next fundraising campaign. You get 40% profit, online shopping, direct nationwide shipping. Groups have raised more than $125,000. Coordinator friendly, no sorting, no freezers, no hassle. Our collection includes 100+ top selling gifts, sweet treats + vinyl stickers! Most items $10 and under!

The idea for MN Brands For Good started with us, two moms with 15 years of fundraising experience, friendship and a love for all things local. We also shared the same discontent for the same ol’ fundraisers our kids were bringing home. Guilt-ridden over asking friends and family to buy wrapping paper, unhealthy frozen pizzas and processed cookie dough again and again, there had to be a better way. Our “ah-ha” moment came when we found ourselves needing a fundraising solution and reaching for local Minnesota brands and their amazing products – MN Brands For Good was founded. Our hope is that this program will bring awareness to Minnesota brands while doing good within the Minnesota community.

Three years later more than 200 fundraising groups have raised over $125,000. Why a local fundraiser? Why choose us? This is at the heart of why we are here! We have created a shared space for fundraising groups and Minnesota makers to benefit and help their communities. We have partnered with fantastic Minnesota small businesses so we can offer a variety of products and price points. Contact-free fundraising isn’t just the safest option for reducing exposure; it is also much more convenient. Anyone can access your fundraiser through the online shop.

We welcome Minnesota fundraising groups of all sizes to join with no upfront costs. No 501c3 status? No problem! Let us handle the tax. Contact us today to request a free catalog and product sample. As always, reach out with any questions, including inquiries about our zip code exclusivity program.

What You Get:
· 40% profit on all items
· Next day direct shipping (online + paper orders)
· Free shipping on orders of $75 or more (standard shipping rates start at just $0.50)
· Personalized handwritten thank you note with every order
· Profit calculated by Seller, coach, or class

What’s next?
What do you have to do? Beginning this process is simple, follow the link to the information form. After your kick-off date, be sure to get the most out of contact-free fundraising by promoting on social media, or with other virtual events. Then collect your money. We are here to help you succeed and are committed to keeping you and your fundraisers safe as you set and meet your goals.