MUSEUM OF ILLUSIONS | New curriculum for MOI field trips

Embark on an exciting learning adventure where students explore new concepts, make fascinating discoveries, and expand their understanding. With Museum of Illusions, this captivating journey combines engaging museum visits and comprehensive lessons, inspiring young minds along the way.

Our program offers an immersive, educational experience for grades 3-12, combining museum visits with a standards-based curriculum. Students explore illusions, perception, and optical phenomena through STEM, ELA, and Visual Arts lessons. The curriculum ensures engagement before, during, and after the museum visit. To support educators in delivering the program effectively and to enhance the students’ learning experience, our program provides comprehensive predesigned materials. These materials serve as valuable resources that save time and effort for both teachers and students while ensuring a coherent and standardized educational journey. Pre-visit engagement can pique students’ curiosity and build anticipation, while post-visit activities allow them to reflect on their experiences and reinforce what they’ve learned. Our program fosters curiosity, ignites imagination, and encourages students to think outside the box. Get ready for a journey of discovery, where the impossible becomes possible and learning becomes an adventure!

Looking for a fun new field trip idea? Look no further than Museum of Illusions Mall of America. Please contact for all questions and bookings!