NORTHERN SODA COMPANY | Tour a MN Craft Soda Company…  Business is Bubbling Over!

Northern Soda Company “Passionately Pursues Soda Pop Perfection” and is Minnesota’s only craft soda taproom with hand-crafted tap sodas from a rotating list of more than 100 delicious and nostalgic recipes. After your tour, take home your own sodas… mix and match 4 packs or 24 pack cases from 18 craft sodas, packaged in retro 12 oz cans. Northern Soda also offers extra fun for your tour group – including free soda samplings and factory tours, retro video games, board games, a 10 foot projection screen, and even frequent food trucks. Reservations required.

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In a small warehouse in Arden Hills, he and three co-owners have taken the craft brewery model and tweaked it for vintage pop.

Northern Soda Co., which opened in July, is set up like the old Pop Shoppe stores, inviting customers to assemble their own packs of pop from pallets in the 38,000-square-foot warehouse. Instead of getting a 12-pack of cream soda, for example, a customer could choose 12 different flavors, among them Ginger Pop, Mango Citrus and Sunday Purple.

Empty cream soda cans wait to be filled at Northern Soda Co. (Scott Takushi / Pioneer Press)
The company has 85 recipes in its collection, but features only 10 to 12 flavors at a time, cycling them with the seasons.