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Check out our 2023-2024 Season!

Northrop proudly engages students in meaningful experiences that expand their worldview and provide the hope and joy the arts offer through its K-12 matinee program. The program provides students and educators high-quality and affordable arts programming with expanded access online and flexible on-demand options that fit school schedules. Each performance is augmented with additional study materials that meet learning standards, as well as resources to guide students through their arts performance experiences.

Tickets to the performance come with a wide range of educational materials to enhance your group’s experience; including an Aligned Anchor Lesson Plan that is adaptable to any age group and can be completed in groups, pairs, or individually.

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84 Church Street SE
Minneapolis, MN 55455

Contact: Cari Hatcher



Find us in the following above MENUS:

  • Field Trips – ARTS & MUSIC
  • Field Trips – HISTORY & HERITAGE
  • Field Trips – PERFORMING ARTS
  • Field Trips – SPORTS/PHYS ED
  • Livestream Programs
  • Field trip destination for grades 3- 12
  • ONLY $3.50 tickets for students and adults
  • Bus reimbursement program for ALL
  • Supports MN Education Standards
  • Online resources for students and teachers
  • One hour performances often with Q & A