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PLUG ‘N PLAY Marketing that you’ll love!

The MN Field Trip & Activity Library is a FREE resource for educators, group leaders, tour planners and activity coordinators who plan field trips, activities, group travel and special events  (all age groups).

As of January 1, 2020, we have more than 64,000 subscribers in our database who specialize in planning for groups. Our Partners promote programs, activities, tours and services to these planners by using the marketing & outreach tools we provide (website, email, social media, in-person events and print). These professional marketing tools are “synchronized” working with each other so that you can more effectively manage the content & timing of your outreach.

Suppliers, Providers & Destinations like you can join the MN Field Trip & Activity Library to reach educators, group leaders and activity planners from 6 unique group markets. Each Partner gets the benefits of 5 proven marketing components which are active for a full year via the Partner Program, no matter if participating on an Ala Carte or Full Program basis. You provide the content and timing… we do the rest.

You can participate by purchasing individual component services on an Ala Carte Basis, in Bundles, or by participating in the Full Program for a full year.

Note that Adventure Partners LLC (the parent company of the MN Field Trip & Activity Library & LetsDoMN) is a marketing agency offering group promotion services, and not a booking or talent agency.


Contact Mark Peterson at 612-518-8353 or Doug Lyon (email only for Doug, please) with your questions.


• Here are the marketing components used by the MN Field Trip & Activity Library to reach group planners:
– The Library Website
– The Guide
– The Alerts & Social Media
– The EXPO
– The Summer Resource Fair


Our free-to-use website is available 24/7, PASSWORD FREE and the core of our outreach to Planners looking for MN educational & recreational field trips, assemblies, entertainers, tours and fundraising. Planners find our website via our Alerts, social media, referrals by colleagues, etc. The website is designed as a free resource that will support YOUR website and promotional activities.


There has been significant growth in the number of pageviews by educators, group leaders, activity coordinators and tour planners, especially in just the past 3 years.
– 2017: 25,000
– 2018: 60,000
– 2019: 200,000

The MFTL website has 4 areas that will promote you:
Your Partner PageFilled with your program descriptions and contact information
– Video Library – New in January 2020 and filled with Partner introductory videos
Brochure RackPartner PDF literature can be displayed and downloaded 24/7
Homepage We re-post your Partner Ad here from each of your email Alerts
Planner BlogWe post of your Partner Ad and content here in its entirety. Along with a link to your website.

As a Partner, you get full participation in the Library website as part of your Partner Program.



Each year we print an annual Guide as a resource to use during planning meetings and to drive planners to your website. In addition to the printed Guide, we also publish the same Guide in a digital format on our website.

The purpose of the Guide is simple. It is used in planning meetings, kept on desks for quick reference, and drives readers to your website.

An important study by the Printing Industry of America has found that “websites supported by a printed guidew or catalog have 163% higher activity and sales than those that do not“. Our Partners receive this benefit with our Guides driving planners to Partner websites.

The Guide is printed in June and distributed to thousands of educators, field trip and activity planners, tour planners and activity coordinators in MN (with a number also going into western WI, IA, SD, ND, NE). We also encourage planners to read the Guide online. This past year the 2019 Guide has been opened and read more than 4,500 times with each read time averaging 7+ minutes!

Partners can designate individual group planners to receive the Guide. With this program, you provide us a list of Planners, and we send the Guide, compliments of YOU!

As a Partner, you get a 1/2 page display ad in the Guide as part of the Full Partner Program. Partners also have the option of upgrading to larger display ads and premium positions in the Guide at a discounted price.
Click HERE for the information about Guide advertising.



Partners get multiple PARTNER ADS over a period of a year that go out to subscribers in our MONTHLY EMAIL ALERTS… the number of Partner Ads that are sent out each month is determined by each Partner. Our goal is to give each Partner an opportunity to promote themselves into select group markets,  and to give planners very interesting options & ideas. Not only do Planners scan the Alerts for new ideas, but they save the Alerts and go into more depth days, weeks, or even months later. The Alerts also drive “idea-hungry” group planners to the MFTL website (200,000  times in 2019) to find more – and new – creative ideas for their groups.

We have 6 different monthly Alerts that each go out to 62,000 subscribing group planners once every month during the year. In 2019 we sent out a total of 765,000 Alerts. Each email Alert goes out in a co-op format, and is comprised of 15-20 Partner Ads per each Alert. We have found that the co-op format encourages group planners to look through their options. If you were a group planner looking for options and ideas, would you rather get 1 co-op email, or 15-20 separate emails to read, evaluate and delete?

Our Alerts include the following:
Field Trips & Activities (15,000 subscribers for youth recreation activity planners and coordinators)
Active Boomers (5,000 subscribers for active adult & senior group activity planners)
LetsDoMN Event Planning (8,500 subscribers for corporate & independent event planners)
Student Experiences (13,000 subscribers for schools, educators & homeschool co-ops leaders)
Group Travel & Tours (5,500 subscribers for tour operators and group travel planners)
Fundraising Alerts (17,000 subscribers for decision-makers who search for & purchase fundraising programs)

From your Partner ads, planners can click through directly to your website. If you have a video to heighten interest, we can also include that. Planners can also find your current content on the homepage and planner blog of our website (even if they don’t get any of our Alerts). On our website’s homepage, planners “read more” in your blog post, and can click to your website landing page you designate.

As a Full Partner, you select to publish at least 12, 24 or even 36 Partner Ads during the year of your Partner Program.  This means you get 1 (or more) Partner Ads per month for a year… and every month you get to have your Partner Ad(s) sent out in the Alert(s) of your choice to the group market of your choice. We call this popular benefit our Unlimited Monthly Rotation.

The average number of Partner Ads that our Partners select for their yearly program is usually 2 Partner Ads per month. They then rotate their Partner Ads into various Alerts based on seasonal group buying habits of the planners in each particular group market. We can also customize the number of Alerts in your program.

Here’s how Partners submit Partner Ad content. Click HERE to this form: ALERT SUBMISSION FORM



You don’t have anything to do here. We do. After you have sent in your Partner Ad content for an Alert and it has been emailed out in an Alert, your Partner Ad is then also published on the homepage and as a blog post on the MFTL website.  Then we publish individual posts of all Partner Ads on Facebook and Twitter, and post the full Alert on LinkedIn.



Every January we hold the annual Summer Resource Fair. The focus of this event is help planners prepare for the coming summer – and give Partners the opportunity to meet Planners IN PERSON. We invite organizations from our group markets who plan and offer field trips, classes, camps and tours to their youth and adults (Park & Rec Depts, Community Eds, Afterschool Programs, Scouts, 4-H, churches and other organizations, etc). This is your opportunity to begin or continue friendly, professional relationships with planners who like what you offer. In 2020 the 250 planners who attended were preparing for more than 4,000 summer field trips, festivals, camps and activities.

Each Partner gets an exhibit space at this event (at no added  charge), and needs to complete the SRF exhibitor registration form. We notify our Partners when registration is open. Each Partner also receives the CONFIDENTIAL list of attendees after the Summer Resource Fair.



This is our BIG annual event. Every August we hold the annual MN Field Trip & Activity EXPO (often referred to as simply “The Expo”). The focus of this event is help planners prepare for the coming year and to connect with you in person. They are looking for great field trips and all types of activities for their youth and adults (schools, Park & Rec Depts, Community Eds, Afterschool Programs, Scouts, 4-H, churches and other organizations, tour operators, senior program directors, etc). This is your opportunity to begin or continue friendly, professional relationships with planners who may like what you offer. It’s your opportunity to help them like what you offer! In 2019 the 650+ planners who attended the Expo at Target Field represented more than 500,000 group members.

Each Partner gets an exhibit space at this event (at no added  charge), and needs to complete the SRF exhibitor registration form. We notify our Partners when registration is open. Each Partner also receives the CONFIDENTIAL list of attendees after the Expo.


8. ABOUT LetsDoMN – It’s new and improved!

Special Note for Library Partners:
We have a new division to help our Partners reach event planners. And to help event planners find our Partners!

As a Full Partner in the MN Field Trip & Activity Library, you can participate as a Partner in LetsDoMN at no added charge. In this valuable package, there is also a once-a-month email Alert associated with the LetsDoMN website that Partners can use to reach out to event planners. Here is the website:  – 24/7 free website resource for corporate event planning, with a filtered directory, banner ads and opportunities for your special offers and group event calendar  – the core component of our event outreach services.



The unique Partner Program offers a flat price for providers and destinations for an entire year (from the date you begin). Or you can purchase on an Ala Carte basis. Do as much or as little as you choose – based on the program and types of planners you want to reach. We can show you your choices.

We will invoice you for services we provide at the beginning of your purchased ala carte service or your 12 month Full Partner Program term. The invoice we send you will be your contract with us. Payment will be due upon receipt of the invoice unless terms are put in place. You can pay by using Paypal or by Check. If a Full Partner, you will be invoiced automatically for the following year in the 11th month of your year of Partnership.



As a Partner, you are joining our many other Partners for a year of robust promotional activity. Click HERE for the NEW PARTNER FORM where you will provide us with your information we need to promote you.

Always remember that for you as a Partner, the Library provides outstanding professional marketing and outreach support… proactively reaching out to group planners. Use our services to their fullest. You won’t be disappointed.

Questions? Contact Mark Peterson at 612-518-8353 or Doug Lyon (email only for Doug, please) with your questions.

Thank you for your interest! We invite you to participate fully this very productive initiative!

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