The Pavek Museum highlights the history and technology of electronic communications and offers experiences for all ages, from school field trips to guided tours, and niche educational courses.

We currently have two field trip experience options, the Broadcast Experience, and the Electromagnetism Experience. The Broadcast Experience is designed for grades 3rd – 6th, and teaches students the history of electricity and electronic communication while creating their own live radio broadcasts and competing in a TV-style quiz show. The Pavek Museum’s Broadcast Workshop is considered one of the Twin Cities’ best field trip opportunities by schools and scout groups.

The Electromagnetism Experience brings STEM to life as students learn about electromagnetism – the force that powers our modern world, from electronic communication to electric power generation. Students learn the basic concepts of the relationship between electricity and magnetism with a variety of hands-on activities that are both educational and entertaining.

We also offer a Combination Experience where students can experience two unique field trip experiences in one day.

Our guided tour is the most intriguing and engaging way to discover what the Pavek Museum truly has to offer. You will enjoy blasts from the past and expert demonstrations of some of our most unique artifacts while you learn about the history and cultural significance of electronic communication.

During school breaks, we offer several camps including our popular Podcast Camp where campers learn about the evolution of radio shows, which eventually brought us an explosion of podcast popularity. They learn what makes a podcast different from a radio show, the different types of podcasts, and how to create and produce their own podcast. By the end of camp, campers create, record, and produce their own podcast, which will be posted online and available to download. Additionally, campers get to tour a professional radio station/podcast studio – iHeartRadio! They get a behind the scenes look of what goes into the podcasts they love while also learning about a career in radio and podcasting.

Lastly, we have two adult education courses: Vintage Radio Service and Intro to Podcasting. Vintage Radio Service is a hands-on radio repair course conducted over six consecutive Saturdays. It is designed for collectors and hobbyists who want to bring in that old radio and get it running again. Each session starts with a lesson in the fundamentals of radio repair and ends with lab time in the Raymer Workshop.

Intro to Podcasting is new to the Pavek Museum in 2023 but we created it due to popular demand. Intro to Podcasting will teach students the difference between radio shows and podcasts, script writing, editing, performing, posting, and more.

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Nina Larson, Education Director


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