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Located on the second floor of Saint Paul’s iconic Landmark Center, the Schubert Club Museum offers visitors a reflection on the joys of music-making through the centuries. From a massive “cyclone” sculpture of instruments, through the gallery of of historic keyboards, to the impressive collection of correspondence from famous composers, the Museum opens a window on the inspiring role of music in people’s lives.
Additionally, visitors can step back in time and hear music boxes and phonographs dating back to 1900. Next they can play and compare the mechanics of several keyboard instruments spanning from four different centuries.
Innovation Station is the last stop where visitors can experiment making music on unique instruments, created from items you’d never expect! Always FREE admission. Guests will be introduced to the Schubert Club Museum by an interpretive guide in this orientation space. They will also encounter a massive sculpture of instruments.

Contact Information

Schubert Club Musuem

75 West 5th Street,
302 Landmark Center
Saint Paul, MN  55102

Contact: Kate Cooper


(651) 292-3266