SIMPLS | We Deliver! Delicious Fundraisers!

Located in St Paul, we make delicious scratch-made frozen food using local and organic ingredients.

Our fundraisers are super easy and entirely online. Using a unique code, have friends/family order through our site and we deliver the goods right to their doorstep! You get up to 35% of sales!

Selling – We provide custom templates that contain all the info needed for people to
easily place orders, specific to your group. Your coordinator can send those templates
out to friends, family and their network to spread the word! We track the amount your
organization raises through code redemption at purchase; your choice of one group
code or multiple individual codes.

Buying – Friends and family order on our website using your selected promo code.

Delivery – We deliver to the buyer’s doorstep within 5 business days of their order!

Earnings – Your earnings are based on three tiers of product sales*:
1. $1000 to $5000 — 25% of total product sales
2. $5000 to $7000 — 30% of total product sales
3. $7000 or more — 35% of total product sales

Length – 4-week period of your choosing. You will get a weekly sales progress report.
Use the code as much as you can during the fundraising period, there is no limit!

Payment – At the end of the fundraising period, we will send a summary report of the
results and your organization will receive a single check within 2 weeks.

Next Steps!
1. Determine the dates you want for your 4-week fundraising period and get it scheduled
by emailing us:
2. Let us know if you would like one group code or multiple codes.
3. We provide you with custom templates and a social media graphic and you’re off to the races to achieve your goals!