SKYROCK FARM AND CAROUSEL | Enjoy the Food, Fun and Magic!

As tour groups enter our Carousel Building, they usually stand wide-eyed & open-mouthed, even forgetting to walk forward! After a few minutes of gathering their wits… all the inner children come out to play! Come hungry, leave happy!

It’s like dinner and a movie only much more fun! Owner Stacy Nunn uses farm fresh ingredients to prepare your group a home-cooked meal (chuck roast, potatoes, carrots, salad, homemade baguettes, dessert and coffee or lemonade) while guests go on a trip back in time. You will learn about the artists and musicians who ignited Europe’s entertainment scene with their amazing musical creations. And hear their music! We have spent a lifetime collecting and restoring these relics both large and small. It is a feast for the senses: art, music, history, fabulous food and then….. a short walk (50ft) to the indoor riding ring (heated and enclosed) where you will experience the excitement and majesty of our LIVE high jumping horses.

Learn about the horses place in history and how our sport evolved from the war horses of times past. Learn some of our training secrets first hand! For guests who are comfortable, enjoy a meet and greet with the Skyrock horses and a walk through the garden or barn before heading back to your bus. We look forward to hosting your group and we are happy to work with you if you require special accommodations. We are walker and wheelchair friendly. Average tour lasts 3 to 3.5 hours and includes a fabulous hot meal.

When groups walk through the door, it usually takes them a few minutes to gather their senses. We could fill a notebook with quotes of praise for the Skyrock Farm and Carousel Tour. Price includes a mouth-watering home-cooked lunch (chuck roast, potatoes, glazed carrots, salad, baguette, and topped off with dessert)!