SPARKPOINT INNOVATIONS | Interactive, In-House Astronomy Fun

Looking for a fun and educational field trip? Orbit Earth Expo uses giant inflatable models of the Earth, moon, and sun to help students understand eclipses, tides, seasons, winds, and phases of the moon.

Students get a hands-on, interactive learning experience helping them to explore astronomy concepts! Huge, inflatable, manipulative teaching models come to your darkened school gym to help students discover the relationship between the earth, sun, and moon. Teachers and administrators love the alignment to MN K-8 Academic Standards and the unforgettable reference for students. These hard to teach concepts in earth and space science are a snap for students recalling information for the MCAs after experiencing Orbit Earth Expo!

An Orbit Earth Expo visit lasts all school day so that each grade level can experience an age-appropriate, standards-aligned program. We work with you to build a schedule that maximizes student learning. Part of a smaller school or homeschool co-op? Recruit a nearby school to host the program and split the cost!

Our program works well as an introduction to astronomy concepts or as a refresher before end of year testing. No matter when you schedule the program, it is sure to provide students with a learning experience that they can reference for years to come!