SPARKPOINT INNOVATIONS | Reserve Orbit Earth Expo Today!

Are you ready for an out of this world astronomy experience with your students? Reserve your date NOW with SparkPoint Innovations for your in-house day of STEM programs. Travel through space in the dark, using a light to represent the sun, exploring phases of the moon, eclipses, planets and more!

Call us today to schedule your day of up to SIX programs for students in grades K-8! Each program is aligned to the grade level science standards and age appropriate in length and presentation style. Our experienced teachers will lead your students through difficult to teach concepts, using our HUGE inflatable teaching models of the Sun, Earth, and Moon. Don’t forget the planets! Students will act out the solar system, as well as rotation and revolution, seasons, wind, and more! Eclipses and moon phases? Not a problem using the shadows we can create in your darkened gymnasium. Students and teachers LOVE Orbit Earth Expo – we return to schools year after year. We can’t wait to visit your school! Call us today!