THE MUSEUM OF RUSSIAN ART (TMORA) | In Your Classroom & Tours

Explore TMORA’s new exhibition with a pre-visit classroom lesson from TMORA’s museum educator. If you are able, come take a tour with TMORA’s museum educator and docents to see the artworks in a beautiful historic building!

Come and explore TMORA’s new exhibition this fall!

The Museum of Russian Art (TMORA) marks its 20th anniversary with a special exhibition showcasing the Museum’s diverse and rich collections. The exhibition features TMORA’s permanent collection including religious icons, paintings, Soviet-era posters and artifacts, peasant crafts, samovars, toys, and other works from the collection. One of the key pieces is the first painting donated to TMORA in 2002 by the Johnson family.

TMORA’s field trip experiences increase students’ understanding of the art, culture, and history of the region through our collections and exhibitions. Our educators connect students to the art so they can practice recognizing their own and others’ perspectives by articulating and explaining the perspectives empathetically, respectfully, and thoughtfully. TMORA is a space where all feel welcomed and comfortable to learn, investigate, connect, and express themselves creatively. In the end, your students will develop museum literacy skills and become lifelong learners in the museum setting!

Guided Tours
A class that consists of 10-50 arriving at the museum together to view the galleries with TMORA’s K-12 docents.

Self-Guided Tours
A class that consists of 10-50 arriving at the museum together to view the galleries on their own, with the assistance of supplemental materials provided by the museum. (Learning resources, worksheets, etc.)

If you have any questions or wish to schedule your group, contact TMORA’s Education Coordinator, Bridget Gallagher: