THE WORKS MUSEUM | Home Engineering Kits for Students

The Works Museum is offering at home engineering kits with all the materials needed to create a STEM project, plus online video instructions and access to live educator “office hours” via Zoom so students can troubleshoot their projects and ask questions. Projects include creating a kaleidoscope, designing a mini catapult, and building a dancing robot.

At Home Engineering Kits

We miss you at The Works Museum! To make up for the distance, our team of educators has put together a series of At Home Engineering projects to keep your young engineers entertained and excited about STEM. Each kit comes with all the special materials needed to make a project and online video instructions.

When you purchase our At Home Engineering kits, you’re not only providing valuable hands-on learning for your child, you’re supporting a local nonprofit organization. As a thank you, we’re including a free YOXO building set with each purchase, while supplies last.

How It Works:

Order your At-Home engineering kit through the link provided.
Once your order is complete, you will receive a link to select your pickup date and time.
When you pick up your kit, you will receive a link to the At-Home Engineering tutorial video.
Choices include:
– Lightning Bugs
– Wiggle Bots
– Kaleidoscopes
– Mini Catapults

Our educators are available for virtual office hours if your child needs assistance or wants some ideas to expand their project.
Email to set up a virtual chat!