WILDERNESS INQUIRY | Explore Capitol Reef National Park

Hike in Capitol Reef National Park to experience one of the most beautiful and under-explored landforms on the Colorado Plateau, the iconic Waterpocket Fold. Hiking trips include fabulous trails in Capitol Reef National Park and also Grand Staircase-Escalante National Monument.

This monocline “reef” rises to 3,000 feet, exposing an incredible array of multicolored sandstone and limestone layers. The breathtaking rock formations and spectacular slot canyons are among the most beautiful geologic features on earth, often referred to as the “sleeping rainbow.” This trip includes visits to Fruita, a historic Mormon settlement known for its delicious stone fruit orchards, and intricately carved petroglyph panels of the Fremont people, who farmed and hunted these canyons from 700 to 1300 AD. You will enjoy the accommodations, especially our dinner at Hell’s Backbone Kitchen.

What to Expect:
TERRAIN/ROUTE: Hiking routes will be primarily on established desert canyon trails. There are a wide variety of trails to choose from including relaxing strolls along smooth paths to strenuous hikes up steep inclines. Hikes may take you into narrow gorges, high top cliffs, under natural arches, and much more.

TYPE OF TRAVEL/DISTANCE: Hikes range from 2-8 miles for an average of 4-5 hours of physical activity per day. You will carry a day pack with only what you will need during the day. No previous experience is needed to complete this trip; however, some trails are fairly steep and being relatively fit and enthusiastic is important. The group will travel in a 15-passenger van between destinations.

WEATHER: Weather in Southern Utah changes frequently. Temperatures range from high 60s to low 80s during the day with cool nights. Be prepared for all types of weather. Rain is likely, so a good raincoat is important.

YOUR GROUP: The group will be 6-12 people total with 1-2 Wilderness Inquiry staff. Each group could consist of people of various ages, backgrounds, and abilities, including people with disabilities. Our trips are cooperative in nature. Staff will assist you in whatever areas you need, however most people pitch in where they can.

SINGLE TRAVELERS: If you are traveling alone, you will feel at home with a welcoming group. If you would like to have your own room throughout the trip, you may purchase a single supplement for an additional fee.

ACCOMMODATIONS: We will sleep in a variety of lodges and motels at night. Typically there are 2-3 people per room, matched by gender or requests to room together. In most rooms, solo travelers have single beds and couples share beds.

MEALS: All breakfasts and dinners will be prepared for us, lunches will be prepped picnic style each morning to take with us on our adventure. Meals will offer fresh, healthy ingredients for bountiful dishes. Vegetarian meals and other dietary needs are easy to accommodate. There will be plenty of snacks provided throughout each day. We’ll enjoy happy hours together, but the purchase of alcoholic beverages is not included in the trip fees.

EQUIPMENT AND CLOTHING: Wilderness Inquiry will provide all group equipment. You will need to provide your personal gear as outlined in the packing list. If you are new to outdoor activities, you do not need to spend a lot of money. Wilderness Inquiry can usually arrange for you to borrow most items.

COVID VACCINATION: All participants (and our staff) are required to be fully vaccinated and up-to-date (including the booster). Please see our website for the most recent information. https://www.wildernessinquiry.org/covid19/

HEALTH PRE-SCREENING: We encourage you to self-screen for any signs of illness prior to your trip’s departure. Please contact Wilderness Inquiry if you are exhibiting signs of illness or have been in contact with someone who tested positive for COVID-19 within the 2 weeks prior to your trip departure date.

SAFETY WHILE ON TRAIL: All participants and staff must wear a well-fitted mask while riding in a Wilderness Inquiry van or participating with Wilderness Inquiry transportation. Masks are not required outdoors although some individuals may choose to wear a mask. Please respect these choices. Please ensure proper hygiene including, but not limited to, hand-washing and/or sanitizing before eating and after using the restroom. Individuals that become ill or test positive for COVID-19 during a Wilderness Inquiry experience are responsible for their own transportation and expenses to depart the trip.