DAZZLING DAVE | Dazzling Dave’s show is perfect for all generations!

Dave has performed all over the world, as well as his favorite spot, his home state of Minnesota! Dave is sure to delight and spark fond memories of this historical toy, still popular today. He has worked with Recreation Coordinators to tailor specific needs to their facilities such as nursing homes, assisted and senior living facilities. His show can be outdoors or inside, and he brings his own sound system. Dave can even teach a short workshop on “how to yo-yo”. Summer is coming, book him now to make sure you get him!

See a performance by Dazzling Dave and you might start believing his yo-yos are alive. Dazzling Dave Schulte is a professional yo-yo performer and highly acclaimed champion who has circled the globe since 1998, storming audiences everywhere with his freakish tornado of whirling tricks and tips, all designed to entertain, educate, and illuminate the beauty of the growing sport of professional yo-yo.

A former middle school teacher, Dave’s heart and soul are still in teaching – but now he’s found a better way. Delivering intensely fun freestyle performances followed by friendly hands-on instruction, Dave teaches his “students” hand-eye coordination, goal setting & achievement, performance techniques, and the fundamentals of physics, all through the Science of Spin program and his hand-held classroom on a string.

Equally impressed by both the energy of his performance style and his mastery of the most advanced yo-yo tricks, judges have peppered Dave with awards throughout his professional career. His awards include:
• 1996 Masters World Champion
• 1997 Twin Cities Champion
• 1998 Midwest Regional Champion
• 1999 Fixed Axle World Champion
• 2000 Minnesota Champion
• World Record Holder
* 2021 National Yo-Yo Hall of Fame Inductee

In October of 2001, Dazzling Dave was named to an elite group of National Yo-Yo Masters, making him one of the exclusive members of the Yo-Yo Judges at the World and National Yo-Yo Championships each year. Dazzling Dave has toured Japan, Korea, France, and Australia, as well as most of the United States.

Currently Dave lives in Minnesota and gives hundreds of shows each year. He lives with his wife, Kim, their two wonderful children, and his incredible collection of over 1,500 yo-yos from around the world. It’s amazing how his life has changed since that first day in 1993 when he was just a college junior looking for a diversion from the pressure of final exams. “Hey,” he said to his buddy. “Mind if I try your yo-yo?”