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  • Red Tailed Hawk

  • Gray Wolf

  • Howling Gray Wolf

  • Cougar

  • Black Bear

Discover an educational gem just 30 minutes north of the Twin Cities.

Home to the largest population of wolves in any facility in North America, the Wildlife Science Center is also home to black bears, mountain lions, bobcats, fox, coyotes, reptiles, and birds of prey. The Wildlife Science Center Center participates in the study of wildlife on behalf of the wildlife. We also offer educational experiential learning opportunities to students of all ages. Participants unlock the fascinating lessons offered by the chance to observe a pack of wolves share a fresh meal, or watch a bear take a dip in a pool.

WSC also boasts of 210 acres of maple and oak forest, with the Sunrise River running through it. The woods offer their own learning opportunities, and simply hiking the trails opens eyes and ears to the world around us.

Programs for Schools and Other Groups – Each visit exposes students to the resident animals with information tailored to the age, needs and interest of the students. Classes observe the variety of species/ subspecies of wolves in their family packs, displaying adaptive behavior and complex communication. Other wildlife diversify the experience showing very different skills and adaptations to climate and methods of food acquisition.

WSC is also home to a collection of meso-predators such as raccoons, skunks, red and gray fox, and coyotes. Their existence alongside a top predator like the wolf demonstrates a series of adaptive strategies that involves both hunting and being hunted. Reptiles and amphibians decorate Minnesota’s landscape and are part of WSC’s programming as well. In addition, WSC is also home to birds of prey – hawks, owls, and falcons – which are interconnected to the complex predator system of the wild. Each component of the on-site program builds on the others to paint a picture of the tapestry of nature.

Nothing captures the attention and imagination of kids and adults more than animals. Many of our programs can be enjoyed off-site in your classroom. Several of our critters travel well and make for an unforgettable program!

• All private programs are guided by WSC staff members
• Programs available at our location or in your classroom
• Educational experiences available throughout the year
• Program content aligned with Minnesota Education Standards
• Learning opportunity for schools, homeschool groups, scouts, library programs, park and rec groups, and other youth groups.

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