FERDA FUNDRAISERS | Happy New Year from Ferda!

Happy New Year from your friends at Ferda Fundraisers! We’re zooming into the future like Marty McFly on a hoverboard, and we want you to come along for the ride! Don’t wait to plan your 2024 fundraisers. Start today, and you’ll be at the head of the fundraising class!

Our fundraising team is your personal cheer squad, ready to catapult you to success! We’ll get you set up with achievable goals, marketing guidance, and even help you plan events and incentives for your team! All of this and you get to pick your price and determine how much goes back to your organization!

But wait, there’s more! We’re always adding unique locally sourced premium products that are shippable, shareable, giftable and perfect for any social gathering.

With Ferda, you’ll not only help your organization, but you’ll also uplift families and local businesses, spreading the love across our community!

Don’t wait another second! Give us a ring and let’s make your fundraiser legendary!