Brain Richards of 4 Ace Productions

4 ACE PRODUCTIONS | Motivate students to read with virtual FUN…Seuss on the LOOSE!

Every year I visit dozens of schools during the months of January, February and March to motivate students to READ…even with our current situation I wanted to do so again this year. So you can purchase my most popular program: Seuss on the LOOSE!

This video runs about 44 minutes and is full of magic, fun, laughter and focuses on the writings of Dr. Seuss. We key in on the 3 key reasons why Dr. Seuss wrote his stories for kids.

#1 He wanted to encourage imagination.
#2 He wanted children to have fun while reading.
#3 He wanted children to learn an important lesson with each book!

The cost for the program is $195 per school and includes a classroom activity file and promotion file.