Our Rec teams are starting soon at Conquer Ninja Gyms! Don’t miss your chance to join one of our teams for the fall season. Join now to build character and long-lasting skills!

Conquer Teams build strength, confidence, and comradery within a team environment. Our coaches encourage a positive attitude, hard work and a lot of fun. Feel success and accomplishment with the skills you learn.

The Rec Team is designed for youth ages 6-13 of all experience levels. This is an 8-week long season from November 1st – December 17th. This team includes one practice per week with in-gym competitions on the 4th and 8th week. The cost for the Rec Team is $175/season.

Practice/competition dates and times are dependent on the location that you would like to go to. Go to to see what is available at the location closest to you. You can also call us at (952) 378-1285 or send us an email at to get all of your questions answered or to join our team today!

Not interested in joining a team, but would like to get involved? We’re hiring! Contact us today at or at (952) 378-1285 to find out more about the positions we have available for you!