ESCAPE ROOM PARTIES | Escape Rooms Brought to Your School

With our age-appropriate Mobile Escape Rooms, your students will have all the fun of a field trip without the hassle and expense of going off-site!! Our fully immersive experiences begin for 4th Graders through high school… and beyond! Fun, interactive & educational!

Have an Escape Room field trip without leaving the school!

Your students will enjoy the immersive experience of a hands-on, challenging, and fun escape room brought right to your school. Escape Room Parties will take care of all of the details so that the students have a great time while learning a thing or two about history, teamwork, and communications. You may want to plan some post-game activities around “debriefing” the kids to help them realize where they worked well together, thought through problems, and achieved their goals.

These games are so much more than puzzles set around a room. We “construct” a room within your facility so the students feel as if they are actually a part of the scenario from the moment they start!

Due to customer requests, we now offer games starting at the 4th Grade Level WITH NO ADULT INTERACTION NECESSARY TO COMPLETE THE PUZZLES! Kids love the feeling of satisfaction when they complete the challenge without an adult having to be in the room with them. (Of course, players are discretely supervised, and our Game Masters are ready to provide hints if necessary).

Contact us today to discuss your options and get a no-obligation quote. Covering the States of Minnesota, Iowa, Eastern Dakotas, Western Wisconsin, and Northern Missouri.

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