ESCAPE ROOM PARTIES | Now Available… for 4th Graders and Up!

We are now offering our first mobile escape-room-style game for 4TH GRADERS AND UP!!! Our new “Save the Campout” game will encourage younger players to use critical thinking, cooperation and communication to reach the group goal.

Escape Rooms are a fantastic form of entertainment! But they also help encourage effective communications, foster team comradery, and help develop critical thinking skills. Escape Room Parties has been in the escape room business since 2014, and have been doing mobile escape rooms since 2018. Our experience helps us strike the right balance between developmental tasks and fun!

We are now offering rooms with difficulty levels from 4th grade all the way through adult! We bring the game to your location and “build it” within your facility. The “room within a room” concept allows for more immersion, helping players feel as though they are actually in the given scenario. Interactive games in an immersive environment help enhance the overall value and enjoyment of the players.

Our mobile escape rooms are perfect for community education and school activities, community events and celebrations, corporate and team-building gatherings, after-prom, and after-graduation parties, and even fundraisers!

Contact us today to find out how an Escape Room Party can help you ESCAPE THE ORDINARY!