EXPLORE ALEXANDRIA’S RUNESTONE MUSEUM | A Museum for the Young and Young at Heart

Rated a Gem “must-see” point of interest by AAA, a museum for the young and young at heart! Our most famous artifact is the Kensington Runestone and its mysterious runic message. Was it carved in 1362? Recent laboratory and linguistic analysis of the stone suggests yes! But even as more supporting evidence of its authenticity is revealed, controversy continues to swirl around this internationally renowned artifact. Visit the museum, see the Runestone and learn its story…then decide for yourself. The Runestone Museum also features pioneer displays, a wildlife exhibit, a World War II living room with 1940’s music playing, special limited time exhibits and MORE!

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The museum’s Native American exhibit garnered national attention when our rare 1920s Ojibwe jingle dress appeared in the American Indian Art magazine. There is now a decorated full sized Tipi in the Native American camp diorama. Fort Alexandria is a delightful collection of restored buildings from 1868 to 1910 that includes a furnished township school, pioneer church, log home, and stage stop. The large Annex has many displays, including a 40 foot replica Viking ship and a huge 1906 steam tractor. The third annual History Live! in Fort Alexandria will be Fri. and Sat. June 23 – 24, 2017. Enjoy live historic reenactments from the Fur Trade, Pioneer, and Civil War eras, kid’s activities and family fun. Check the museum website for dates and admission prices. The museum is open year round.