HISTORICAL EXPERIENCES | In Person, First Person History!

Hey teachers, Historical Experiences is back after the pandemic & we’re itching to get back into your schools with IN-PERSON, FIRST PERSON HISTORICAL EXPERIENCES face to face in your schools. We are the field trip that comes to you next school year. Get your kids exited about history again.

Watch HISTORY come alive! Costumed interpreter dramatizes state, national, and world history; making it real and exciting for people of all ages. We offer a wide range of historical presentations that are sure to align with your curriculum. These presentations are a mix of first-person interpretation, visual aids and interactions. Eliminate travel time and transportation costs. These presentations comes to you. You only need to provide a venue (gym, auditorium, library, activity room) for the presentation. Get your kids excited about our history again. Make arrangements for your school’s HISTORICAL EXPERIENCE today.