HISTORICAL EXPERIENCES | Just for the Fun of It!

PIRATES; Just for the fun of it! A Great Way to end the School Year. Learn the real story of the GOLDEN AGE OF PIRACY from Bartholomew Roberts the most successful pirate of the Age. He comes to your school to educate and entertain. ” An unforgettable experience!” “Great fun!”

Ahoy there, mateys!
Arrrhhhh …… you looking for adventure………excitement? Do you long for a life that is free from the restrictions, limitations, and boredom of everyday life? Would you like to travel to exotic places and see the world? Can you see yourself at sea, with the wind blowing through your hair as you scan the horizon with your spyglass from high up in the crow’s nest of your ship, looking for treasure-laden Spanish galleons to prey upon? Would you like to learn how to fight with a cutlass or be trained as part of a gun crew, firing the ship’s massive cannons? If so . . .
It’s the Pirate’s life for you!
But, not so fast, me hearty! What exactly is a pirate? Is a pirate’s life everything that you have been led to believe? Do books and movies about pirates give us an accurate picture of what it was really like to be one? What is life aboard a ship really like? What were the dangers of pirating? Perhaps you had better look a little closer into the world of the pirate before you jump aboard.
Pirates: Predators of the Seas. The presenter is Mr. Arn Kind, a teacher of over 40 years experience, who will play the role of a Pirate, and teach us about The Golden Age of Piracy.
This presentation is for people of all ages. Mr. Kind, will separate the myths from the facts about piracy, from ancient times to modern day pirates. He will get down to the nitty gritty of what piracy was, and is all about Mr. Kind uses hands-on living history experiences where students will role-play different parts. They will learn how to navigate at sea using authentically recreated navigation instruments from the time.
One of the reasons Mr. Kind’s presentation really makes the Golden Age of Piracy come alive for his audiences is because of his realistic and colorful portrayal of a pirate. Another reason is because of all the artifacts and visual aids he brings and displays for his audience to see.
Mr. Kind’s presentation is a wonderful and unique way of learning about this colorful chapter from World History. We are sure that we will find this presentation very enlightening and exciting as we all learn about the Golden Age of Piracy through realistic, hands-on, LIVING HISTORY experiences!