HISTORICAL EXPERIENCES | Minnesota’s Early History Comes Alive for your Students!

The French Voyageurs were among the first Europeans to explore and make maps of what would become Minnesota. Minnesota’s Colorful Fur Trade comes to life at your school while your students learn all about how the Fur Trade started, the transportation system of goods and furs, and the important cultures & people in the Fur Trade. Through hands-on interactive living history activities, your students will role-play the parts of voyageurs and/or proud Dakota or Ojibwa people. GREAT EDUCATIONAL FUN!

Minnesota’s very first business was the Fur Trade between the early European traders and Native American Dakota and Ojibwe people. The colorful French Voyageurs who brought trade goods into and furs out of the interior of North America were the first explorers to map the region that would, one day, become Minnesota. Schedule your experience today by calling 507-381-0898 or register on-line at historicalexperiences.org