IRON RANGE TOURISM | Explore Minnesota’s Mesabi Iron Range

For a perfect hub-and-spoke tour, the Mesabi Iron Range offers behind-the-scenes tours of the state’s oldest candy shop, a great big view of a working mine, museum tours and a tour of the most amazing high school you’ve ever seen (with a great backstory to boot!).

Using the Mesabi as your base (towns like Hibbing and Virginia), branch out to the north for a tour of a historic underground mine, the International Wolf Center, a trip to a bear sanctuary (summer only), and more. Complimentary welcome reception and local step-on guides help make it a breeze. Other stops include a museum dedicated to the birthplace of bus travel, the quaint and historic Olcott Park Greenhouse and Botanical Gardens, opportunities for evening musical entertainment, and a walking art tour. As the childhood home of Bob Dylan, this region also offers a tour of Dylan’s haunts, and speaking of haunts, your group can ride a trolley to a mining ghost town. Plan for a minimum of two nights – include a drive down the North Shore of Lake Superior with possible stop in Proctor area, or include a western jaunt to the Judy Garland Museum and Forest History Center. This is a great mystery tour, and we can help!