JELLYFISH ENTERTAINMENT | Learn about Giant African Bullfrogs and other amazing animals with Reptile Viking!

African Bullfrogs are incredibly strong, territorial, and hungry! Kids love to see how they hop around and gobble up any bugs or other small creatures that cross their path! Learn all about them and 6 species of reptiles in our interactive and educational adventure show – Reptile Viking.

We love teaching kids about frogs and how they eat. Most children know that frogs have sticky tongues that they use to gobble up bugs, but actually seeing a frog eat something is always a blast. Our African bullfrog “Brutus” likes to eat so much that he will usually do so in front of a crowd!

African bullfrogs are one of the biggest frogs in the world, and our bullfrog is getting bigger every day. They actually have teeth and when they are adults they can eat things other than bugs – like rodents and even birds! They will never pass up on big juicy bugs though!

They are active hunters and will leap pretty far and fling their tongue out to catch a meal. After they use their tongue to pull something into their mouth, they close their eyes and this actually helps to push their food down into their stomach. Who knew that “blinking” could be so helpful?

Learn about this and much more in our engaging and interactive show – Reptile Viking. We hope to hear from you soon!