JELLYFISH ENTERTAINMENT | Overcoming the Fear of Snakes

Not only is our show Reptile Viking a lot of fun, but it helps kids and adults understand why reptiles behave the way they do, and that they’re not out to get us! By the end of our show many overcome their fear and end up touching a reptile for the very first time.

I’d like to think that our interactive reptile show is not just entertaining a lot of kids, but also helping to raise up a generation of people who will be kinder and more understanding of the wildlife they experience throughout their lives. Not only do the kids get to see and touch these amazing animals, but they also get to learn about what these animals do, and why they behave the way they do.

It’s this knowledge of animal behavior that can empower people and help them get rid of the fear of the unknown. It’s easy to be nice to furry, cute animals like rabbits that we understand, but when it comes to snakes a lot of people are afraid and hostile to them.

Just this past week my family and I were on a trip down south, and we were swimming in a beautiful river. Someone found what they thought was a copperhead (a venomous snake) basking on a rock on the shore. Instead of just leaving it be and avoiding the area, they decided to kayak over there and shoot it. True story.

Besides the obvious firearm safety issues involved with shooting from a kayak in an area where people are swimming, this was also a case of mistaken identity. I went over there and checked out the snake and it was actually a harmless, non-venomous water snake.

Even if it was a venomous snake, no one was in danger. People think that snakes are “aggressive” and will come after you and bite you. During my show I explain that snakes are afraid of you! Many different animals like eating snakes. So the first thing they do is hide, or try to run away. If they are cornered they will try to defend themselves, but it is always the last thing they want to do.

In most cases people who unfortunately get bit by a venomous snake accidentally stepped on one, or were trying to handle them. So if you watch where you step when you’re out in the woods hiking, and you don’t try to pick up snakes that you can’t identify as safe, then you’ll never have a problem with getting bit!

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