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Our Reptile Viking Show is the funniest educational show around! Thormar the Viking is traveling the world searching for dragons, and finds instead their little cousins. Laugh along as he takes you on his adventure. The show can have a theme to go along with your needs (wildlife geography/habitats, life cycles, general biology, etc), or be a broad show about the different kinds of animals and their lives.

Our balloon art and face painting are both incredible and fast. We work hard to make sure we’re always bringing the best art to your events, learning better shapes and how to be more efficient. If you don’t want a line of guests, we can do a balloon show or story telling time! Entertain all of your guests at once with phenomenal, never-seen balloons and a funny show to go along with it! The balloon show can also be themed!

Not a destination, we come to you!

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Jellyfish Entertainment

Jellyfish Entertainment
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