KEVIN HALL | Amazing Magic, Math & STEM shows!

With 3 different magic shows or his famous Science Mania, Agri-Mania & Math-a-Magic educational shows

You’ll be sure to find something your group will LOVE!

Plus with his appearances on National TV and the Semi-finals on America’s Got Talent, it’s easy to promote Kevin & draw bigger audiences.

A bit about Kevin Hall:
Growing up, Kevin didn’t realize how unique his family was. He thought every family had 15 kids. He thought everyone’s Mom had her own “Musical Zanygram” business. He thought all families were involved in show business too. However, while his many siblings focused on talent contests, auditions and cutting albums, he earned a degree in engineering. As an award winning Super Computer designer, he found he enjoyed presenting technical data to Fortune 500 companies across the US and Canada. Then he started taking acting, dancing and improv lessons. As Kevin says “I was getting a patent in integrated circuit design during the day, and dancing with flaming machetes at night!” While he was highly respected and successful in the tech industry, Kevin learned something that changed his life, “You Can’t Fight Showbiz!”
So Halls of Entertainment Inc. was born and now they engage and delight audiences the world over.