NINJA ANYWHERE | Ninjathon Fundraiser

Tired of giving away a huge portion of your raised funds?

Are the kids getting bored with running laps?

Are you looking for something exciting?

If yes, you need a Ninjathon!

Your Ninjathon is 100% customizable to maximize the ninja fun and profits!

Our Roll: Ninja Anywhere will collaborate with you to create a personalized online fundraising page and design the most efficient ninja event. We bring 2-3 high-energy ninjas to set up, oversee, and get the energy going with the kids!

Your Roll: You will need to provide 6 parent or teacher volunteers (allows you to keep the majority of funds).

Typical $$: We typically recommend that each student tries to get 10 people to sponsor them at $10-15/person for a total of $100-150. We supply each student with their own customized link to the online fundraising platform where friends and families can easily make pledges.

Our Fee: Our goal is to allow you to keep as much money as possible. We charge a flat fee that is based on how far we need to travel, how many hours the event is, how many staff we need to bring, how involved we are with the marketing, if we need to collect the funds, and how many students will be participating.