PAPA JOHNS TWIN CITIES | We put the FUN in Fundraising!

Papa Johns Twin Cities wants to help you raise the most funds with our Nifty Fifty Fundraiser Card – at only $15 each, you keep $10 and your families get 50% OFF up to 18 times!

We partner with schools, youth groups, and non-profits to help you raise the most dough with our #BetterFundraiser. There are no upfront costs/minimums/fees to you, as this is a pre-sale fundraiser; you only pay for what you sell. Run your fundraiser for 2-3 weeks and at the end, you let us know how many cards you sold – you keep the funds up front and only provide us our portion of the funds to cover the cost of materials, so you have the funds you need right away. We provide you with student packets and a banner for your school. Based on results, the top-selling class can receive a FREE Pizza Party and top sellers may receive Papa Prize Packs. We offer student incentives, Career Days, and additional opportunities.