Partners, this is for YOU! The Why, What & How of the new Link Library!




Partners, together we have a way we can help in a BIG way during the COVID-19 crisis! And from what I have been hearing from planners, they are LOVING this new resource and asking for more…

Plus, your participation will build good will with planners and be remembered after the COVID-19 crisis has passed.

We’re calling it THE LINK LIBRARY.
There is no charge for Partners to participate in THE LINK LIBRARY.

THE LINK LIBRARY described: We’re all working together to create a “bucket” webpage of conveniently available, free videos and media links for all ages that you provide that in the following 6 areas…
– assemblies/entertainment (shows, concerts, theatre, performances, etc)
 attractions/destinations (tours/visits to venues and communities)
classes/activities (experiential instruction & projects, storytelling, etc)
– educational/field trips (standards-
supporting classes)
– events/exhibits (community events, venue exhibits)

– tours/itinerary stops (travel experiences – like the real thing, only virtual and/or video)

Your videos will be free for any and all to access, and can be from 2-30 minutes, gathered into 6 general categories (your choice) and will be linked to Youtube, Vimeo and brought together into our single-access location at  This is an opportunity for you to instruct or entertain, so please avoid promotional videos.

Our targeted audiences who will be accessing THE LINK LIBRARY and putting the videos on their screens will be pre-k through 12 grade students nd educators (teachers at home?), plus daycare, retirement and care facilities. All this in addition to homebound families who will benefit from your content.

This past week (our first) THE LINK LIBRARY has enjoyed HUNDREDS of pageviews!
We are beginning now to promote
THE LINK LIBRARY directly using our email Alerts to our 64,000+ subscribers. We will continue to send out the email Alerts during the COVID-19 crisis. We are also currently preparing PR outreach to broadcast networks, internet news platforms, and professional, casual and non-profit organizations (including teacher and parenting associations who can help us more rapidly reach out to audiences who will appreciate and use THE LINK LIBRARY.

The videos and downloads we display are ones YOU have produced.
You can submit from 1-3 videos that are 2-30 minutes each with content that delivers instruction, projects and/or entertainment for kids through adults. Once you have sent us the Youtube or Vimeo link and the add’l information we need, we’ll create a unique Video Listing for each one. See the examples on the right, or on the LINK LIBRARY webpage. You’ll be able to swap out videos as we move forward, though now please go with your best, most informative, most standards-supporting, most fun, and/or most entertaining videos you can! First impressions of your presentation – and you – will be HUGE!

IMPORTANT: Since these videos will be shown to groups of students, daycare children, school age children, sr and active adult groups, please create memorable content that is not advertising or self-promoting.

Go here to see what’s in The Link Library to date:

So if you don’t already have a video(s) available already and plan to create one, you don’t need to rent a studio for our audiences. Simply set up a room at the house or at your venue with good lighting, an external microphone, and then pretend you’re in front of 30 hyper-interested kids or adults, and then turn on your iPhone, iPad or tablet video camera, and record your presentation. If you’re going to edit, keep it simple – ending your presentation with contact information.
* You don’t have to appear left-handed when they’re not – when recording using your phone, turn it horizontal with the camera FACING YOU as if you’re filming yourself. You’ll be looking at the back of your phone, not the screen.
* Lighting is important – Don’t sit in the shadows, and avoid bright light behind you. You want to orient yourself so you’re facing the light source. Go HERE for good lighting tips.
* Get fairly close to the camera so you appear large on screen and the room is seen minimally. The audio will be better, and people will be more engaged.

Again, you can submit from 1-3 individual videos – each being generally from 2-30 minutes.
If you can, assign them to different categories…
Since there is no online form at this time, send your information & links to:



1. Pick one category from this list (categories may overlap – so please pick the best one for each video):
– Assemblies/Entertainment – entertaining presentations, shows – all ages
– Attractions/Destinations – walk-throughs & experiences – all ages
– Classes/Activities – instructional, project & learning – youth & adults
– Education/Field Trips – discipline-oriented, standards-based instruction – PreK-12
– Events/Exhibits – community events, exhibit walk-throughs – adults & families
– Tours/Travel – attraction & destination tours for tour planners – adults & students

2. Title:
3. Partner Name:
4. Time of Video:
5. Description:
 up to 35 words (if too long, etc, we may have to edit) of education (standards-supporting if you can), instructional or entertaining content – NOT self-promotion or advertising.
6. URL Link to Your Video: Preferred sources: Youtube, Vimeo – one URL link per video listing. We will not be embedding your video into our website.
 7. Image Thumbnail – 100 px x 100 px – .jpg please

Put all these into the body of a single email and send to
The sooner we receive your emailed info, the sooner we can get it uploaded and working for you.


Questions? Contact Mark Peterson at 612-518-8353 with your questions.

Thank you for participating! 

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Considering our audience, and because this is a free resource, we must reserve the right to not include objectionable or agenda-based videos. Thanks for understanding.